The Derczynski Code

Matt, 19 years old, student. This is a scrapbook of things I find inspiring as well as a place for me to share some of my drawings and ideas. Most of my posts are of other peoples content.



"Mrs. Mary Couchman, a 24-year-old warden of a small Kentish Village, shields three little children, among them her son, as bombs fall during an air attack on October 18, 1940. The three children were playing in the street when the siren suddenly sounded. Bombs began to fall as she ran to them and gathered the three in her arms, protecting them with her body. Complimented on her bravery, she said, ‘Oh, it was nothing. Someone had look after the children.’"


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“ My religion is nature. That’s what arouses those feelings of wonder and mysticism and gratitude in me ”

—    Oliver Sacks (via lustambitions)

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July 16, 1945 — A long-exposure photo captures the Trinity nuclear test seconds after detonation. It was first atomic bomb blast in history.